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“Among the many river trips I have taken, the Owyhee is near the top for the impressiveness of scenery. The fact that the OARS approach is about respecting our natural world makes you a true leader and I would like to thank you for your commitment. The Canyon-lands of the Owyhee River system is one of the largest unspoiled areas around. Southeast Oregon. River Flow Permit Info This is an absolutely fantastic river trip due to some spectacular scenery and a few great Class IV rapids. four oared gear rafts, a cataraft and inflatable kayak. She went above and beyond in making sure we were all comfortable. 5–Day Owyhee River Rafting Trip. Hidden in Southeastern Oregon, this high desert river is as special as it is remote making it qualify for many seasoned boaters’ bucket lists. Rome to Leslie Gulch. Of course, the scenery was okay too…”. Barry (Dow) was so knowledgeable and dedicated. An approximation of what adventure level (from easier to challenging) you should expect to encounter under typical conditions on this trip. The Grand Canyon of Oregon. Most experienced outfitter on the Jarbidge, Bruneau and Owyhee rivers canyonlands. Summer whitewater fun on Idaho's desert rivers. © 1969 - 2020 OARS Companies Inc. All rights reserved. Two Hawaiian Islanders accompanying the party disappeared in the Owyhee River area and by the 1830's the river had become known as the "Owyhee," a derivation of the word Hawaii. I would also like to commend each and every one of our guides, they were exemplary. Please note: And although at first glance the landscape might look barren, the Owyhee River is home to an incredibly diverse and exciting environment. Our journey down the “Wild and Scenic” Owyhee includes raft, dory and inflatable kayaking options. 67 miles of the Owyhee River. We respect and recognize that many of the river canyons, national forests, BLM and state lands, as well as national parks where we operate are the ancestral homes of many indigenous communities. The Owyhee is one of our favorite spring rivers and between the Lower and Middle Owyhee we run more trips than any other company. Der Owyhee River ist ein linker Nebenfluss des Snake River im nördlichen Nevada, im südwestlichen Idaho und südöstlichen Oregon in den USA. From the bright sunflower-like Arrowleaf Balsamroot to the aromatic scent of sage in the wind after a light rain to soaking in steaming hot springs while watching a dramatic sunset, the Owyhee River will delight all your senses. In Oregon, along the Owyhee, we acknowledge the Northern Paiute and Shoshone-Bannock tribes. Originally published as “Owyhee: A River for the Bucket List” in the June 2020 issue. I am hoping to do the Grand Canyon with OARS in the future. They were so much more than I could’ve asked for. Jennie (Tindall) was truly a delight and always thoughtful about the guests needs. The Owyhee River rafting season typically runs from March through May and is entirely dependent on winter snow accumulation and spring precipitation. Dories, Inc. operates on the Owyhee River as a permitted outfitter of the Bureau of Land Management. Owyhee River Rafting; Owyhee River Whitewater Rafting Trips. The Owyhee River in Oregon is one of whitewater enthusiasts best kept secrets. This canyon offers dramatic desert canyon scenery, excellent hiking, and a feeling of peace and seclusion that makes it … From its origins in the snowcapped mountains of northern Nevada, the Owyhee River flows north, cutting across the southeastern corner of Oregon before joining the Snake River on the Idaho border. The food was incredibly good and healthy. She was always upbeat and full of life on the trip. The Owyhee River is an Oregon treasure. You're also likely to see eagles and falcons soaring, beavers, otters, coyote, bighorn sheep, and antelope. About Owyhee River Rafting The Owyhee River flows through one of the most remote regions in North America. Barker River Expeditions offers rafting adventures on the Jarbidge, Bruneau and Owyhee Rivers of Idaho and Oregon. They were nice and interesting people, thoughtful, and excellent companions. O.A.R.S. Red-winged blackbirds ring out from the reeds, swallows dart over the water and into mud nests, western meadowlarks sing to each other from opposite banks, and sage-grouse fan and dance among the leks; antelope speed across the plains and bighorn sheep gracefully move across the rocks and canyons; … I would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat. The Owyhee River greets one with impressive canyons that rise … Launches on the Owyhee River are strictly controlled and more than half of the river is designated Wild & Scenic by Congress for its … It is not unusual for trips to be cancelled due to low water. In Peace, –Laura J. Doty, Outreach Coordinator Advocates for the West ~ Boise, ID. This means a rather short and irregular season on … The name Owyhee evolved out of a scouting expedition led by Donald McKenzie in 1818. At lower flows, you can easily scramble over rocks on the right to get a good view of the rapid. I will definitely recommend an OARS trip to anyone who wants to do a river trip. Note: Even an “easier” trip can become “challenging”due to weather, water level, or your personal choice of boat and/or hiking options. Paul Delaney has been a whitewater enthusiast since 1980 and has rafted dozens of rivers across the west. OWYHEE RIVER RAFTING The awe inspiring desert scenery of the Wild & Scenic Owyhee River Rafting trip has been called Oregon’s Grand Canyon and with good reason, this truly is a wilderness desert river rafting trip in the far SE of Oregon. While the rapids are not big, they are delightful at the water level we had. Emily, Brodie, Ellie, Eric, and Natalie worked tirelessly as a team to make us all feel very special. Led by local experts, navigate this powerful tributary of the Snake River as it charges through seldom-visited high-desert canyons of exceptional beauty. Expect your Owyhee River rafting trip to start off peaceful but then quickly build to the most difficult rapids on Days 3 and 4. OARS is an equal opportunity provider. The guides were very personable and fun to hang out with. Turning slowly, we gawked at the rock walls, booties sloshing but warm in our wetsuits, and loosened our personal floatation devices. During this journey, explore historic sites, hike to overlooks and view pictographs. His awareness of the issues on the river was very informative. Our Lower Owyhee river trip offers spectacular scenery, good whitewater, and the chance to visit a rarely seen part of the United States. It’s known as “Oregon’s Grand Canyon” and can only be accessed in the spring to early summer by whitewater rafting. “I am sitting at my desk lamenting the fact that I am no longer on the water. With columnar basalt formation created by the same geologic hot spot that currently lies beneath Yellowstone National Park, the Owyhee River canyon is a must-see. Thanks!”, “I think the OARS folks were great! Join a 65 mile whitewater rafting adventure on one of America's most pristine and remote wilderness rivers, the Owyhee in southeastern Oregon. Owyhee River boaters can expect a full immersion into a remarkable desert river ecosystem. Cannot wait to raft another river with them! Fewer people do the Middle Owyhee than the Lower Owyhee due to the narrower flow window, smaller camps, and the Class V+ Widowmaker. Known by many as the “Grand Canyon of Oregon” the Owyhee river boasts a geologic diversity which is unique within the state and offers an unbelievable variety of scenery, history, and especially hiking opportunities. 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We run the lower part of the Owyhee River, 48 miles of Class III rapids from the town of Rome to Birch Creek. Ein maximaler Abfluss von 1416 m³/s wurde im Jahre 1993 gemessen. Das Einzugsgebiet des Owyhee River umfasst 28.617 km². A kaleidoscope of life thrives in the canyon and you're likely to see multitudes of wildflowers, birds, and reptiles as you raft through the Owyhee's Class II-IV whitewater rapids. Flows vary with snow melt, bringing life to the canyon and creating challenging rapids. This river trip is a true wilderness experience, an expedition style trip, and a journey to one of the most remote lands in the lower 48 states. Gleaming basalt bluffs cascade down to desolate, soft beaches speckled with the lure of undiscovered gemstones. Loved and appreciated them! I wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed our trip down the Owyhee (May 6-12, 2009). Natural riverside hot Springs. He’s a co-founder of the Northwest Whitewater Association Rafting Club and can be reached at spokanerafterguy@comcast.net. The Middle Owyhee is a great choice for those with prior rafting experience or adventurous beginners in good physical condition. O.A.R.S. The Owyhee River’s reputation as a big-time whitewater river is well deserved, but there is a quieter side to these beautiful canyons, especially in the Middle and Upper sections. Your staff, guides, and attention to detail were phenomenal. An amazing outfit with competent, professional, certified, friendly guides that provided delicious, varied and creative meals; knowledgable information about flora and the geology; that engage warmly with their guests. After flowing through Idaho, it crosses the Owyhee uplands of southeastern Oregon, eventually flowing into the Snake River. We saw the clip on OPB Oregon Field Guide a couple/few years ago on rafting the Owyhee and decided on the spot we had to go. Der mittlere Abfluss beträgt 28 m³/s. This means a rather short and irregular season on the Owyee which simply heightens its appeal. You are the best! Rafting the lower Owyhee River is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that introduces you to some of the most spectacular and untouched high desert landscapes found in eastern Oregon. We run the lower part of the Owyhee River, 48 miles of Class III rapids from the town of Rome to Birch Creek. Of the more than 100 different types of birds that live in the area, see how many you can identify. List of Services . Premier Pricing: Save $200 per person when you are one of the first four to book a 2021 departure by March 31, 2021 and reference “Premier Pricing” at time of booking. Owyhee River rafting trips take you deep into the canyon with landscape that reveals a geologic history beginning nearly 14 million years ago. You have a great deal to be proud of!” OARS is proud to be an authorized concessioner of the National Park Service and a permitted outfitter under the National Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. Owyhee River Rafting: a Typical Day. The Owyhee River is a rarely visited but mesmerizing river in its bizarre beauty, an unplucked jewel in itself. The last day is generally easy. The Owyhee boasts a multitude of wildflowers and exotic birds living among the numerous hot springs and awe-inspiring cliffs rising more than 1,500 feet above the river. Owyhee River Rafting - Maps Book Now Click maps to enlarge Trip Highlights Spectacular desert scenery. Between rapids there are long, calm stretches of water, allowing us time to listen to the river and take in the sheer walls of red-gold rhyolite towering thousands of feet over our boats. We may also camp by hot springs. Rafting on Oregon’s Owyhee River is all about exploring this amazing canyon. Deep canyon walls, riverside camps, and hikes climbing to sweeping vistas are all highlights of this trip. Boaters flock to the Owyhee Wild and Scenic River from all over the nation for unmatched solitude and startling beauty. Her energy and zest added so much to the trip and you could always count on her for fun and frivolity. The hiking opportunities added a wonderful dimension to the Owyhee River trip. Raft Support: Momentum River Expeditions* For reservations contact Momentum River Expeditions (541) 488.2525 Shuttle from Boise Airport and boat rentals optional “The only thing more amazing than the Owyhee River was the great staff that treated us like kings! The Owyhee River bends and twists through the Owyhee Canyonlands with mild to wild whitewater rafting in southwestern Idaho and eastern Oregon. Thank you for putting together such an awesome team of people to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences on the river. Owyhee River Rafting The headwaters of the Owyhee River are in Nevada. We identified the NW Rafting Co. name on the rafts, and contacted you. Scouting Whistling Bird Rapid on the Owyhee River Mile 32.5: Montgomery Rapid (III/IV) is the longest and most technical rapid on the Lower Owyhee. Sagebrush, Western Juniper, Balsom Root, Hackberry, Indian Paintbrush, Globemallow, Chukar, Magpie, Western Tanager, Canyon Wren, Red-tailed Hawks. They are the best. February 19-21, 2016. On an Owyhee river rafting trip Western Tanagers, magpies, and swallows will also be seen swooping overhead and there’s even the chance to spot river otters, pronghorn antelope, or bighorn sheep. Ashley (Brown) was also an excellent guide. Great hiking. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled high for eagles’ nests as Golden Eagles and other birds of prey are abundant in this river canyon. Later at your campsite, watch the river from an immense rock canopy. What an amazing stretch of river. I would whole heartedly recommend Northwest Rafting Company to anyone looking for a river adventure. WELL DONE!!! She helped take very good care of us all. The moderate snowpack often melts in a sudden burst, leaving it either too high or low during the majority of the year. As you make your way down river, you’ll spot pictographs and other evidence of native tribes that pepper the canyon walls. Eagles, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep and mountain lions are native to the region. It is an exciting time to discover the Jarbidge, Bruneau, and Owyhee Canyonlands. Premier Pricing: Save $200 per person when you are one of the first four to book a 2021 departure by March 31, 2021 and reference “Premier Pricing” at time of booking.

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